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Insurance Companies

The long-term success of an insurance company depends on many things, not the least being a well-designed investment program. For over 30 years we have served insurance clients, designing bespoke investment solutions to meet their unique demands. Optimum Quantvest is wholly-owned by the Optimum Group whose origins stem from the insurance industry. We can cater to benchmark-based investment needs as well as ALM/LDI requirements (pure cashflow matching, key-rate duration and overall duration matching, yield maximization under constraints, capital requirements and actuarial reserve calculations, etc.). The Optimum Group’s portfolio managers developed a flexible proprietary system in order to offer our insurance clients what we believe is an optimal investment solution.

Our clients - Captive Insurance Companies
Our clients - Individuals & High-Net Worth individuals

Individuals & High-Net Worth individuals

Principal protection with an eye towards the future, our approach aims to protect investors from risks not adequately compensated for, while focusing on the long- term.


Our top-down/value-based strategies are designed to provide pensions an essential component of a well-diversified portfolio. For plans focused on long- term investment goals, we believe our long-term approach is a natural fit.

Our clients - Pensions
Our clients - Endowments & Foundations

Endowments & Foundations

For over 30 years we have serviced endowments and foundations concerned with diversification and long-term performance. We take a bottom-up approach, our decidedly top-down strategies can often serve as a nice complement.


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